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Honda CBR600F Sport 2001



In over 130 countries around the world, millions of motorcycle users depend on Castrol products to keep their machines in peak condition.

Our close relationship with the motorcycle industry goes back to the invention of the motorcycle in the early 1900’s. Today, our strong contacts with motorcycle manufacturers have helped us develop a wide range of specialist lubricants for all machines, from everyday motorcycles and scooters to the immensely powerful and exhilarating Grand Prix racing bikes.

With more than 160 motorcycle World Championships to our credit, and an involvement with the world’s motorcycle industry dating more than 80 years, our dedication to becoming the foremost specialists in motorcycle lubrication is ever present.

Motorcycles are extremely popular all over the world as a basic means of transport or leisure vehicle, and Castrol is putting more and more resources into providing better services and solutions to all of its customers. With this purpose in mind, Castrol has developed a fully dedicated website (www.Castrolbikeworld.net) for motorcycle users where all the latest information from around the world and the full Castrol range of motorcycle products can be found.

Dunlop and the D208GP

Since its launch in March 2001, the D208GP tyre has continued the winning performance of its predecessor, the D207GP Star. Its choice of ‘no compromise’ race compounds has already resulted in success on the track and Dunlop tyres have been chosen once more to partner the Castrol Honda team in the British Supersport 600 Championship. The new CBR600F Sport will be kitted out with the race dominating D208GP tyre – 120/70ZR17’s on the front and 180/55ZR17’s on the rear.

D208GP Star’s awesome reputation – earned from reaching peak performance quicker than the competition – resulted in numerous track successes during 2000 including winning the World Supersport Championship. Today, Dunlop Tyres Ltd markets, sells and distributes one of the most comprehensive and competitive motorcycle tyre ranges available. In the UK more competitors race on Dunlop tyres than any other brand.

Designed and built at the home of Dunlop Motorsport, Fort Dunlop in Birmingham, D208GP is made by experts for experts. Available in a variety of different sizes, it provides maximised grip and reduced wear even in the severest race conditions and leads the pack in production bike racing.

The D208GP is a road legal full race tyre and its construction embodies awesome yet classic Grand Prix technology and components to realise the performance aspirations of the most demanding of riders, both in production bike racing and on the road.

Added to this is its distinctly different appearance. Directional, cosecant pattern geometry means that as the tyre is leant over, its unique ‘groovy waves’ quickly move into optimum position to combat the changing direction of forces from longitudinal (power when upright) to lateral (laying over when cornering).

All this means less tread stress and less abrasion. The sharp water clearing groove edge cuts through water film ensuring top grip. Massive, cut aramid breakers feature in both the front and rear tyres to maximise grip and ensure phenomenal structural integrity under the severest race conditions.


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